About Me

I'm a US citizen permanently residing in Northern Ireland. I came to the UK in 2009, when I went to England for "six months" to provide software support as a Senior Software Developer working for Protolabs. That arrangement worked very well, so Protolabs sponsored a work visa to allow me to stay and work in the UK for an extended period. Ten years later, I'm now happily married, a permanent UK resident, and living in an incredibly beautiful part of the world.

After a few years in England, I was asked to recruit and manage a team of software developers there. During my tenure as a Software Development Manager, I learned a lot about Agile practices and principles, delivering excellent software with a geographically dispersed team, and becoming a leader to an incredibly talented group of people with diverse skills and experience levels. During that time, I also began studying for my MSc in Software and Systems Security at University of Oxford.

In mid-2016, I became Information Security Manager and began building the global Enterprise Security team. We planned to build a team of Security Analysts and Engineers to establish security policies and procedures, manage security incidents, implement a secure software development life cycle, raise security awareness, improve security monitoring, manage vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with security frameworks. A senior leadership change and subsequent budget constraints, however, meant working toward those goals with very limited resources.

I left Protolabs in November 2018, as personal circumstances meant that we needed to be closer to family in County Down, Northern Ireland. Now I'm working to establish Computer Help Northern Ireland, to provide mobile computer support in County Down.